Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Heaven and Hell with Amanda Jones - Deputy Headteacher at Clase Primery School

Below is a "Heaven and Hell" feature I did with the Deputy Headteacher Amanda Jones for the Saturday, September 3, 2011, Swansea edition of the South Wales Evening Post.


Heaven and Hell 

Deputy Headteacher AMANDA JONES at Clase Primery School tells us about her holiday highs and lows.
What was your best holiday?

"My best holiday was in Kenya, the Samburu District. It was more of a working holiday as I helped to do a few things for the communities there. I was on a project called Operation Raleigh which involved me helping to build a pharmacy and a school in two small villages. I also taught in some schools and that is where I decided that I wanted to be a teacher. I loved being with the children.”

What was your worst holiday?
My worst holiday was when I went to Albufeira in Portugal. It was full of crammed holiday resorts, many being constructed and it was quite noisy! I missed the opportunity at the time to go on the beach and swim in the water and I don’t think I would go back there either. However there are some wonderful places else where I would like to go in Portugal as I know it is steeped in history and has beautiful villages to visit!”
What was your most memorable holiday moment?
“My most memorable holiday moment was dancing in a ditch with lots of school children, singing! The ditch was the foundations for their school and I was helping to build it. I can’t remember the name of the village but I think it was about 20 miles outside Maralal in the Samburu District of Kenya. It was one of the projects I was working on when I went on Operation Raleigh.”

What was the best experience in a hotel you have had?
"My best experience in a hotel was lying in bed in a wooden hut in an exclusive resort in Kenya feeling sleepy but the view was so incredible that I tried really hard to stay awake. The resort was called Lake Baringo Island Camp and it was right in the middle of a lake. I had spent some time at the lake logging animals that we could find and analysing water samples back at the lab on the banks of the lake. There were hippos there and we took turns to watch out through the night. It was really hard work, physically and mentally, and we worked long hours. Afterwards the hotel owners invited us to stay and use their facilities, we ate like kings with fresh food that they kindly provided for us and I slept in a beautiful bed for the first time in weeks instead of a sleeping bag on the floor.”

What is your fantasty holiday?
My fantasy holiday is going to the mountains of the Himalayas - walking to base camp Everest and maybe doing some voluntary work in schools along the way. I would like to voluntarily teach the children in the villages at the bottom of Everest. I would also like to work in a hospital of some kind looking after sick children, or maybe an orphanage.” 

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